Hello families and welcome to the start of something wonderful!

My name is Rania Ghobrial, Owner and Founder of Shining Stars Support Services. At Shining Stars, I believe all children can succeed and reach their full potential. Take a moment to get to know who we are and the supports and services we offer. I’m excited to share news, events and updates with you all. Thanks for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Our Stars engage in activity-based instruction. During this time, they are learning to respond to questions, use motor-coordination and attend to adult’s instructions.

Our group time space. Each student has a designated seating area allowing for familiarity and close proximity to instructor.

Our language instruction space. Here are students are learning to form words, experimenting with sounds, sharing materials, recognizing their own and others’ successes!

Functional learning during group is paramount to our Stars’ success.

Weather, calendar, days of the week, numbers and months of the year are an integral part of our group time!

Our Stars actively engage in 1:1 learning with Special Education Tutors and ABA Therapists. Here our Star is learning to use the Structured Teacch system.

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