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Respite and Instructional/Behavioural support

Shining Stars is pleased to offer exceptional instructional and behavioural support to students. A student may have difficulty grasping a subject-based concept or skill and one of our well-versed Instructor Therapists will be happy to help your child master the skill or concept they are having difficulty with. In addition, Shining Stars provides respite support to students in their home or at our center. Our students are paired with a well-versed ABA Therapist that will provide care, support and learning to your child. While being cared for by our exceptional Instructor Therapists, our students learn to express needs and wants, communicate preferences, organize themselves in time and space, develop trust and rapport with adult and respond to adult directives all while having fun!

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ABA Therapy, School Readiness, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Our ABA program runs each Saturday from 9:00-4:00, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-8:30. Our students engage in the four learning domains - group and communal activities, 1:1 teaching, independent activities and exploratory play and self-regulation. Contact us to find out more about centre-based and in-home ABA Therapy or to arrange a visit. Occupational and Speech-Language Therapy is also available for our students. Shining Stars is now accepting families transitioning to the OAP. Contact us for more information

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In-home and center-based ABA therapy

Using the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning, Shining Stars derives information about a student's strengths, needs and areas for improvement. With that in mind, our students work on developing and mastering the skills as outlined in their Individual Behavioral Plan. Once an Individual Behavioural Plan is developed and overseen by our Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, an Instructor Therapist will deliver a fulsome instructional and behavioural program meeting the developmental needs of your son or daughter.

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our Special Education students



Rania Ghobrial BA (Hons), C.Y.W.

Owner and Founder of Shining Stars Support Services

My passion and desire to help build confidence and smiles among students with Autism can be traced back to 2004. I began working with a grade eight student whose school-based staff said he regularly and frequently demonstrated acting out behaviours. The behaviours ranged from screaming, jumping up and down, non-compliance, running away from teachers and in instances, of anxiety, lunging at school-based staff. Although he could communicate well and had varying academic strengths, his behavior and sensory needs compounded his ability to show the strengths. There were a number of instances where the student was excluded from school and other school-based activities due to his challenges during the school day.The student transitioned to my care in 2005. He moved from a special education intermediate classroom to a mainstream grade 8 class. Although he had varying skills in academic areas, it was the social and behavioural challenges that caused others to become hyper-vigilant around him. Without further ado, I developed a structured program for him. He had an individualized visual schedule that indicated in what order his tasks were presented, when his movement breaks were and when he was all finished and ready for dismissal. Within one month, the student was able to sit and attend for up to 30 minutes, developed skills in reading comprehension, could transition to and from a break period adaptively and was completely independent during the break periods. He was also attending social peer groups twice per week with adult supervision. Fast forward twelve years later, the student has a part time job at Boston Pizza and is independently taking the Mississauga Transit to and from his workplace. I came to know that he started driving lessons, with continued adult support. The student, like many others, is achieving his dreams and his parents are over the moon thrilled about his accomplishments. As a leader in providing ABA Therapy, group programming, in-home instructional and behavioural support and respite support for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Shining Stars is proud to acknowledge the success of students like this.

I’ve always had a passion for teaching, advocating on behalf of and improving the lives of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder through social, instructional and behavioral programming and understood the importance of home and community based intervention for students with Autism. Using methods of Applied Behavioural Analysis proved to defy the fate that students with Autism could not be successful. I believe students with Autism can succeed. After 16 years of working with students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and co-occurring disabilities, Shining Stars Support Services was launched, an organization that would support students and force the notion that students with Autism Spectrum Disorder can succeed.

Fast forward over one year later, Shining Stars has doubled their student enrollment. Shining Stars is continuining to provide center-based, community -based and in-home support to children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and co-morbid disorders. We have the luxury of increasing our staff numbers to seven ABA Therapists and Special Education Tutors and are currently looking to hire a BCBA. We’ve opened our catchment to include Oakville, Milton and Brampton. Shining Stars is excited to see what the future holds for our students.

I continue the progressive and rewarding work with students with Autism and co-occurring disabilities as I share my day supporting students of the Peel District School Board. I carry a role on the Autism Resource Team for the Peel District School Board.

As a Certified Crisis Prevention Trainer, I train teachers and teaching assistants in Nonviolent Physical Crisis Intervention. In addition, I have written an online blog for Nonviolent Physical Crisis Intervention Institute about the importance of Haptics when working with students of differing needs.



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