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Shining Stars Support Services provides 1:1 and group instructional supports to students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disabilities, ADHD and Asperger’s Disorder. The supports provided follow the principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis.

What is Applied Behavioural Analysis?

Applied Behavioural Analysis is a scientific approach to understanding how behavior and environment intersect. The principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis has helped children overcome behavioural challenges, understand the expectations of their environment, master previously taught skills and acquire new skills.

Using the principle of Applied Behavioural Analysis, Shining Stars Support Services will conduct a thorough assessment to determine your child’s areas of need and strengths. With the information gathered from the assessment, Shining Stars will develop achievable and measurable instructional and behavioural goals for your child.

The instructional and behavioural goals in various learning areas are continuously monitored by our team of ABA Therapists and Special Education Tutors. Once a child masters the goals outlined for him/her, a re-assessment is facilitated.



Support for Parents:

Shining Stars understands the importance of making supports available to families living with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, teaching your child acquisition of previously taught skills and helping them acquire new skills. Shining Stars is also cognizant of the fact that the cost of supports can be daunting for families. With that in mind, Shining Stars ensures parents are connected with Special Services at Home Funding and other Community Based funding programs. In addition, we also provide parents with opportunities to sit in for the first session. If requested, parents are coached on how to generalize skills taught for their son or daughter.

Caring and Flexible Instructor Therapists:

We want to ensure your child looks forward to behavioural and instructional support, whether it be community-based, centre-based or in-home instructional and behavioural support and therefore have looked into hiring the most empathic, knowledgeable and supportive Instructor and Senior Therapists.

Our staff incorporate the use of Applied Behavioral Analysis, including the frequency and delivery of reinforcement, prompting, fading and the ABA methodologies are reflected in the success our students have. Additionally, Shining Stars’ staff place importance on developing a trusting and positively reinforcing relationship with the students they support.

Provide a Comfortable Atmosphere:

Shining Stars places importance on the relationship between therapist and student. We know that if a student is comfortable with their therapist, success and mastery of goals is certainly achievable. Shining Stars works to match our students with the most compassionate and empathic Instructor Therapist which is reflected in our student’s smiles. By selecting the most appropriate therapist, we ensure our students are happy and comfortable in their learning environment.

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