Shining Stars takes pride in using measurable assessment tools to tailor an instructional and behavioural program suited to your child’s needs and strengths. Some of the informal Assessment tools Shining Stars uses include The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning, Assessment of Functional Living Skills for Home and Community, The Brigance Early Inventory of Developmental Skills, Language For Learning and Reading Mastery and the Functional Communication Assessment.

In addition, Informal Assessment Tools include observational methods of assessing child’s experiences with language and play and the Underlying Characteristics Checklist of Autism (CL). Our assessment tools ensure your child will work towards achieving the academic, behavioral and social development goals set out for them.

Why is the assessment information important?

The information provided from an assessment is particularly helpful in determining skills to be taught and generalized. For example, Billy is able to remain at a desk working on colour recognition for up to 10 minutes with his teacher but cannot sit for more than 3 minutes at home with his parent. Both observations may be accurate and investigating further to understand how Billy is reinforced at school to ensure successful outcomes is needed. Information on a particular task or skill is recorded and observational notes on skill development are noted. This skill is then reassessed at a later date to ensure the skill is occurring under all situations.

Assessments provide a fulsome range of information on student’s developmental skills levels. Our assessment tools follow a developmental sequence from the earliest mastered skills to more challenging ones.

Shining Stars can pinpoint a students’ current level of performance along the skill continuum. Our assessments ideally:

  • determine current levels of performance, academic achievement and functional performance.
  • gather useful and valid data on student’s progress towards goals outlined.
  • provide information to student’s special education team
  • support modification of assessment delivery

Our assessments are delivered in your child’s home or alternatively at our center in Mississauga. Assessments are delivered by Instructor Therapists and overseen by both our Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Senior Therapist and Owner and Founder, Rania Ghobrial.

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