Language Development

Welcome Wassim Moussa, Speech-Language Pathologist, to the team!

The Importance of Language Development among students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Speech and language development varies from student to student.  There are multiple reasons for a student’s language skills to develop at a slower or faster pace. Shining Stars has worked with students with varying language skills from non-verbal, early language learners, English as a Second Language Learners to verbal students.

Speech and language development is a socially and developmentally appropriate goal for our students and facilitation of communication skills is Shining Stars’ focus during group and individual instruction. We have worked with students in the areas of joint attention, manding, tacting, responding to gestural cues, eye contact, verbal and non-verbal requesting. Other language development goals have included teaching the use of a Picture Exchange Communication System, labeling and identify pictures, expressing needs and wants, making requests, using full sentences, using language appropriate for social situations, initiate conversations and communication needs. 

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