Literacy Skills

Shining Stars’ Literacy Skills Support

Information About Phonetic Awareness

Our students can show phonetic awareness (the ability to detect and manipulate word sounds) in a number of ways. First, they match similar sounds, decode smaller, high frequency words and see words as a whole without segmenting words into smaller syllabic units. Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder are well-versed in whole word reading and  this is evident in students’ learning to read and understand what they’re reading even if they haven’t had early reading experiences.

The Foundational Steps for Literacy Development

Using our baseline assessment as our benchmark for developing an instructional academic and behavioural plan, Shining Stars teaches students to develop and  master skills in the following areas: decoding, reading for enjoyment, reading comprehension, high-frequency word recognition and phonological awareness.

Our Instructor Therapists Can Help

The contribution of Shining Stars’ Instructor Therapists to teaching our students to decode, understand what they’re reading and respond to questions related to the context creates a recipe for success. All children can succeed. Contact us for a free consultative visit today.

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