Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy

Shining Stars’ provides in-home, community and center-based Occupational Therapy. Shining Stars’ Occupational Therapist work collaboratively with Instructor Therapists and families to deliver a fulsome and comprehensive plan for our clients.

Occupational Therapists can provide support in the following areas:

  • Personal Health and Well-Being
  • Co-regulation and self-regulation
  • Fine and Gross Motor skills
  • Sensory processing
  • Toileting, feeding, dressing and eating
  • Daily living skills

When to determine if it’s necessary to seek Occupational Therapy

Birth - 1 year

  • grasps and releases objects; can switch objects from one hand to the next and to mouth; grabs objects off of flat surfaces; reaches out for objects
  • crawl; sit with enough support to free hand for activity; pulls self to standing position
  • use lips/tongue to bite down and chew; feeds self with fingers; holds a cup
  • seek out comfort when unhappy or in distress
  • identifies family members

1-2 year olds

  • transitions up and down steps with feet coming together on each step
  • rolls and kicks a ball
  • able to differentiate between edible and non-edibles
  • accepts receiving of personal care needs
  • explores area and returns to familiar adult
  • holds a writing tool to scribble; grasps two objects with one hand

2-3 year olds

  • alternates feet on stairs; sits on riding toy and pushes with feet
  • dresses himself and indicate washroom needs
  • holds items with fingers
  • demonstrates scissor skills, can screws lids on/off and turn doorknobs)

3-4 year olds

  • jumps with two feet
  • washes hands and brushes teeth
  • swallows food before taking additional bites
  • dresses self (except for fasteners)
  • pedals a tricycle

4-5 year olds

  • uses a dominant hand to print
  • can draw lines and shapes
  • catches a ball; hops on one foot; plays on playground equipment
  • turn on tap; blows own nose and uses washroom independently

5-6 year olds

  • draws accurate person; cuts along lines
  • can bead, build with Lego
  • eats and dresses independently
  • skips, hops, jumps; throws and catches a ball of various sizes


Shining Stars multi-disciplinary team, with the support and collaboration of our Speech-Langauge Pathologist, Clinical Supervisor, Instructor Therapists and Occupational Therapist, includes the support of physiotherapy. Shining Stars’ physiotherapist can provides fulsome assessment, consultation and supports for children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related disorders.

Physiotherapists can provide support in the following:

  • Motor skills
  • Balance and coordination
  • Providing exercise and fitness programming for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Addressing musculoskeletal system and how it influences functioning

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