Parent Coaching

Shining Stars Support Services believes a familiar, home environment provides an ideal picture of the student’s preferences, reinforcement, learning styles, personality and needs. Shining Stars develops a profile for your child with those learning needs in mind. Shining Stars believes working closely with families also allows us to work together to help student’s achieve success. We are delighted to get to know you and your child, identify specific areas of strength and need and construct academic and behavioral goals that are achievable, measurable,  functional and realistic.

Families are seen as an integral part of the teaching team. They can provide the utmost support, knowledge and at times, reinforcement, to increase their child’s success in the tutoring process. Shining Stars believes that parents and/or guardians can provide information about their child’s present level of performance, information about their schooling experiences and provide information that can effectively support the success and happiness of their child.

We encourage and place importance on the first in-home meeting with families so we can determine parent’s goals for their child and work collaboratively with you to support the mastery of goals outlined for your child. Shining Stars will gladly schedule family visits to our centre-based program as well.

We are delighted to meet you and your child. Contact us for a free consultation!