What is an Inclusive Environment?

All children, regardless of need, are accepted and valued. An inclusive environment values children’s strengths and characteristics which make them each unique. An inclusive environment provides opportunities for students to build critical skills.

Inclusive environments and ABA:

When Shining Stars combines an inclusive environment and ABA therapy the results are amazingly beneficial for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. An inclusive environment provides opportunities for our students to communicate with others and interact with others, build critical academic and school readiness skills, learn self and co-regulation skills. These are goals and targets in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

Wonderful things happen when Shining Stars encourages children’s strengths and the characteristics which make them unique, while simultaneously providing them with the help they need to better communicate and interact with others, and to build academic, life, and other critical skills. Inclusive environments foster acceptance, support student progress for our clients with autism.

Shining Stars Support Services offers an inclusive program for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder in our Clarkson location. Our ABA programs are facilitated by experienced clinicians who are passionate about helping others. Our students are supported with individualized and differentiated programs designed in collaboration with our BCBA team members and with input from their families and caregivers, producing programs tailored to needs-based goals. When Shining Stars combines 1:1 therapy combined with Natural Environmental Teaching, fruitful progress can occur.