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Meet our exceptional team of Instructor Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, to be announced soon, and welcome our new, Associate Clinical Supervisor, BCBA! Profile to be updated soon!

Shining Stars Support Services knows selecting the most knowledgeable, caring and flexible Instructor Therapists will ease a parent’s trust and confidence and ultimately boost their child’s academic and social successes. Shining Stars places importance and ensures student-therapist rapport is present to make the instructional process comfortable, enjoyable and productive for the student.

Shining Stars works with therapists who know and understand Autism Spectrum Disorder, varying behavioural approaches to extinguish and reduce behavioural challenges and can facilitate methods of Applied Behavioural Analysis, when needed. Shining Stars ensures the student is comfortable in their learning environment and has a positive relationship with the adult in their care.