What is the Shining Stars School?

Shining Stars School, a Ministry of Education approved alternative school, servicing children and youth with learning needs, combines Evidence-Based Behavioural Health (ABA) services and curricular programming. Future students do not need a formal diagnosis to access our school program. Shining Stars School encourages families interested in our school program to join for a tour of the school.

The Shining Stars School provides alternative and modified Ontario curriculum programming to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related difficulties. The Shining Stars School services students ages Kindergarten to grade 5. The alternative and modified curriculum combines Applied Behaviour Analysis with school based readiness skills to promote success.

Key Learning Areas for Critical Thinking

Cognitive functions

This domain refers to intellect abilities including problem solving, reasoning, and organizing information that has been processed by the senses. Cognition refers to the ability for the person to make sense of their environment and/or events in their environment and ability to adapt to the changes.

School Readiness

This domain refers to the child’s skills that are pre-requisites for success in school, including activities of daily living, independent work, and following routines. In addition, this area of development refers to the child’s ability to be independent at daily living skills including but not limited to feeding, toileting, and dressing independently.


This area of development entails the child’s ability to recognize and adjust to emotions, feelings, and relationships with people in the environment.

Play and Leisure

Play is a crucial component in all children’s development as social and emotional skills develop through playing with others.


The motor/physical domain involves gross and fine motor skills as well as physical growth.

Communication/Listener Responding

This crucial area of development refers to the child’s understanding of language and non-vocal cues, and their ability to express very basic needs to very complex ideas.

Subject Areas

This area refers to the curricular expectations under the Ontario Curriculum. This includes one to one and group support in the following domains: Health and Physical Education, Social Studies (History and Geography), Science and Technology, Language and Mathematics.

Kindergarten Program (JK/SK)

4-5 year olds

Shining Stars School Kindergarten program provides a developmentally appropriate program designed to allow students to reach their full potential. Shining Stars School knows it is crucial for students to become inquisitive, critical thinkers, communicate effectively and make choices all while ensuring their program is rich in diversity, inclusion and positively encourages natural curiosity and positive learning.

Elementary Program (Grades 1-5)

6-11 year olds

Shining Stars School elementary school program enables all students to reach their full potential all while providing a learning environment that supports their cognitive, emotional, social and physical development. The student’s modified; alternative or accommodated curricular program will be dependent on the results of your child’s assessment. Book a free tour or call us for an intake!

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